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Our School Commission is comprised of parents, parishioners and community members from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to the purpose and values of St. Therese, Catholic schools and the Catholic Church. The Commission meets bi-monthly on the second Monday of the month. Individual committees meet in alternative months (or as needed).



Embracing diversity is a cornerstone of our mission. Our students and staff represent a variety of faith traditions, cultures and family backgrounds. Of our current 156 students:

  • Over 70% of our student body receives financial aid (In 2017, we provide over $300,000 in assistance)  

  • Over 50% of our families qualify for free/reduced lunch

  • Our students come from 30+ zip codes

  • 90% of our students identify as people of color

  • 33% of our students identify as more than one race

  • 40% our staff identify as people of color


St. Therese Catholic Academy is a diverse, welcoming community that seeks to ignite the faith, minds, and dreams of our students and to prepare them to excel spiritually, academically, and socially in high school, college, and beyond.


Forming disciples in faith, knowledge, and service


  • We are a diverse community

  • We are called to act with justice

  • “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us”

  • Excellence happens on purpose

  • We lead by example


  • Faith - We work toward building a stronger relationship with God daily and are respectful of and informed about the Catholic faith that is at the heart of all things at STCA

  • Respect - We model Christian values and self-discipline in all settings and adhere to the Golden Rule and treat others the way they wish to be treated

  • Responsibility - We hold our students to high academic and behavioral expectations and our adults to model the highest professional standards

  • Perseverance - We commit to do whatever it takes to prepare each student to succeed spiritually, academically and socially in high school, college, and beyond

  • Compassion - We show kindness to one another and see Christ in all those we meet. We believe that everyone and everything is a gift from God and it is our duty to recognize and alleviate suffering wherever we encounter it

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