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"We left after 7 years and couldn't wait to get back! We just returned with our youngest and couldn't be happier. This is the school for you if you want what little diversity there is left in Seattle. Great, steady leadership!"

"I love St. Therese!! Wonderful school, intellectually challenging, great faculty that love the children! And my daughter loves her friends, her teacher and staff! School is a Big blessing to our family!"

"My son has felt defeated at school before, but this year has been loving school. All the help he gets from his tutors and teachers is paying off. No one has taken time to find what works for his learning before, and even if it takes longer, everyone is patient. Because of this, he knows what it means to have excellence happen on purpose. Thank you, Dream Team!"


"We appreciate STCA’s commitment to diversity, faith-filled leadership, and service, as well as its focus on trauma-informed practices. These values are truly lived by all staff and teachers which is truly remarkable and admirable. Keep up the good work and our world will be a better place!"




"I went to this school for 8 wonderful years got to say it made me the wonderful person I am today thanks for great times."

"Amazing. No place like it. Faith, family and community."



"Since September, I have had the pleasure of teaching general music to the Kindergarten, first and second grade classes here at St. Therese through a partnership with Seattle JazzEd.  Let me preface my comments with a little background.  I have been a public school teacher for close to 20 years, and in my career I have worked at 10 different schools, including St. Therese.  During that time, I have had the privilege of working with many teachers, principals, and students.  I have worked in places primarily that serve students of color from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.  As such, I have seen firsthand the difficulties in helping these students achieve success.


In my time, I have worked at a couple of places that were special.  I believe that what makes a school special are the staff members, beginning with the principal, and the vision set forth, to the teachers who work to implement the vision wit the students, to the support staff who support the the teachers and students.  St. Therese is a special place.  

I can feel the specialness in every aspect of working here.  Student behavior can be a challenge at any school, but here at St. Therese, there is something different.  With the students here, I see a joy, a happiness, and I feel a sense that no matter what the behavior, the students will respond, if not immediately, but within a short period of time.  This has nothing to do with me, as I see the students once a week for 45-50 minutes.  This is because of the school, and the staff and the vision and commitment.


There is just something wonderful here that is difficult to put into words.  These students are not fundamentally different than students I have had at other schools, but they seem happier, more grounded, and very interested in everything that we do.  Here the students greet me with smiles and hugs, and can’t wait to have music class.  I don’t teach anything differently here than I do other places, but here, it is all different.


That is because of the staff here at St. Therese.  As I said, from the top down, or maybe the bottom up, there is something special here that doesn’t exist at other schools.  Thank you for the blessing of being able to teach here."

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