The purpose of our uniform is to promote unity, solidarity and modesty. 


  • Lands’ End - For all logo items (Preferred School Number: 900169475) (September 3-15, use promo code BTSNIGHT3 and PIN 3755 to save 40% off)

  • Old Navy, Target, etc. - For all non-logo items (pants, skirts, non-logo polo shirts)


  • Natural hair color with no distracting designs or coloring

  • Basic ear piercings only (no distracting jewelry)

  • Uniform color headbands ONLY

  • Solid white, grey or black undershirts (short or long-sleeve)

  • White polo, blouse or oxford shirt with STCA logo on left chest (logo required if not worn with sweater/vest on field trips) 

  • Assigned color sweater/vest required for Winter Dress (November 1-March 31) 

  • Assigned color Pants/Shorts or Skirt/Jumper 

  • Belts required with ALL pants/shorts 

  • Skirts should reach kneecap or below knee 

  • Shorts or leggings should be worn with skirts 

  • Uniform color leggings/tights with no designs ONLY (red, navy, white, grey, black) 

  • Predominantly white, black or gray socks (no distracting colors/designs) 

  • White, black or gray tennis shoes with no distracting colors (see examples below) or black, white, gray, red or navy dress shoes 

  • Rain boots can be worn to/from school and at recess but not throughout classrooms/building 

  • Fashion booths (Timberland Boots, Ugg Boots, etc.) are not uniform and should not be worn to school on uniform (most) days


  • RED vests/sweaters with STCA logo and NAVY pants/shorts 

  • Preschool-3rd Grade Girls wear jumpers or pants/shorts 

  • 4th-5th Grade Girls can wear skirts, jumpers or pants/shorts



  • NAVY vests/sweaters with STCA logo and KHAKI pants/shorts 

  • 6th-8th girls may wear skirts (knee length or below) or pants/shorts



  • Uniform shorts permitted

  • Non-uniform sweaters/sweatshirts may be worn to/from school but not in classrooms 

  • Spirit t-shirts and sweatshirts are NOT uniform shirts/sweaters

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