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St. Therese has committed to being a leader providing an excellent education to all students by embracing a blended learning model for our Kindergarten-8th grade classrooms.


Our online curriculum providers provide engaging and rigorous content and skill based learning. Most of these programs provide immediate feedback to scholars and teachers, so teachers are able to use nearly real time data to drive instructional decisions in their classrooms.    


Blended learning curriculum was thoughtfully chosen to ensure that all St. Therese scholars are receiving engaging and developmentally appropriate online instruction and practice. Primary students explore math and reading through a series of skills based activities that reward hard work with quick brain breaks in the form of limited game time. Middle school students are able to track their own mastery of standards, seek help from online tutors and engage in virtual discussions and debates.    


One of the primary benefits of the blended learning program is that students have access to adaptive content, meaning that each individual is receiving instruction, activities and assessments at a level provides an appropriate degree of challenge based on the student’s current skill set. The individualized learning truly helps build student confidence and contributes to an environment of accountability and achievement.   

Learn more about blended learning. 

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