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St. Therese Catholic Academy is committed to offering a rigorous and high quality faith-filled education to our scholars. Starting in pre-school, our scholars engage in math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and religion learning. Take a look at some of our programming below, and reach out to Vice Principal Madeleine Tomich with specific academic questions. 

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K-4th grade students use Fundations to strengthen their phonological awareness. This structured literacy approach helps students decode words, master sounds, build vocabulary, practice forming letters, learn spelling patterns, and work with tricky high frequency words. This daily approach helps scholars build a strong foundation in literacy skills.


K-2 students use the Geodes program for building knowledge while practicing foundational reading skills. Geodes is aligned with Fundations, meaning that the content rich texts that they read are chock full of words and phonemic patterns that scholars encounter in their Fundations learning.


Wit and Wisdom is a context-based language arts curriculum that builds knowledge and skills together. Students write about what they read, and engage in Socratic Seminars with each Module to answer an essential question. For example, fourth graders in Module 1 ask: "What does it mean to have a great heart?" Through examining texts such as "The Circulatory Story" and "Love That Dog", scholars investigate what a great heart is, literally and figuratively.


6-8th grade students use enVision Math to guide their learning. With support from our Student Support Team and math teacher, our scholars engage in whole class and small group learning to make sure each student receives an appropriate level of academic math challenge. This rigorous program emphasizes conceptual understanding and fluency practice with student texts and rich online support.


K-5 math scholars use MyMath to guide their mathematical learning. Currently, this program is under review by the STCA Dream Team as we evaluate other math curricula that may fit our students' needs better. 


second step

Second Step is a curriculum that supports scholars in building social-emotional skills from preschool to 8th grade. This program is implemented by our classroom teachers and school counselor. Our support staff is also always on hand to support in problem-solving and restoring connections when conflict occurs. 

want to know more?

To find out more about our grading practices, standards, and additional programming, please contact our Vice Principal at

Want to bring a program to St. Therese Catholic Academy? Please reach out to Principal Malcolm Nelson and Enrichment Coordinator Lucy Bert.

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