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Fall Athletics Coach and/or Practice Supervisor

Multiple days (Monday-Saturday)

Interested? Contact Malcolm Nelson.

Classroom Snack Provider 

Donate snacks to be used during NWEA Map testing week (September 25-29). 

Interested? Contact Alice Davis. 

Faculty Room Organizer 

Help with the organization and upkeep of the Faculty Room. Flexible days/times.

Interested? Contact Alice Davis

Lunch/Recess Helper

Flexible days (Monday-Friday, 11:40 am-12:15 pm)

Interested? Contact Alice Davis

Weekly Library Aide

Flexible days/times (at least 40 minutes a week). Duties include checking books in and out to students, shelving books and buddy reading with students. 

Interested? Contact Jen Tawato.

Monthly Library Aide

Flexible days/times (at 2-4 hours a month). Duties include helping with book covering, shelf organizing and book repair.

Interested? Contact Jen Tawato.

Grounds Beautification Volunteer 

Help keep our school and church grounds beautiful. Volunteers meet the the second Saturday of each month from 9:30 am-Noon. 

Interested? Contact John Russell

Book Fair Volunteer

Help set up and/or staff our annual library fundraiser the week of March 19-23. 

Interested? Contact Jen Tawato.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Classroom helpers 

  • Tutors 

  • PE, music, art and library helpers 

  • Have another idea? Let us know what your gifts and talents are.

​Interested? Christina Looby

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